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How to use the Bible Bookmarks

The Bible Bookmarks churches, ministry organizations, schools, or as a family. 

The Bible Bookmarks can be used through churches, ministry organizations, schools, or as a family.

Children receive a new Bible Bookmarks each week. The Bible Bookmark is based on a single topic and helps children read through different Bible passages based on that topic.


Most churches will hand a new Bible Bookmark out to children on Sunday. During the week the children, along with their parents or on their own, read the passages for each day. They can also answer the questions for Wednesday and Friday on the back of the Bookmarks.


On the following Sunday, the children will return to church with their completed Bible Bookmark at which time the church or ministry leader can provide an incentive for those children who completed the Bible Bookmarks. We provide a number of suggestions when you order to help your church have a successful experience.


Similar to churches, a school will hand out new Bible Bookmarks on Monday (or Friday) and check them the following week. While schools may do them in class, most of them use this tool to provide parents with the opportunity to read the Bible with their child at home. They might also use them to foster a self-directed Bible reading time for the child to do on their own. Since a school can do far more with teaching on the Bible than the Bible Bookmarks could offer, most schools usually do not do them in class; however, taking time to talk about them and read some days periodically together is a helpful model.


Families are the heart of training the child in Godís Word. While both the church and school can provide the Bible Bookmarks, they always end up with the family. So, whether you purchased the Bible Bookmarks yourself or received them from the church or school, you now have a great opportunity. Choose a time of day that works for you and be consistent. Either have the child read on their own or read with them. But when you talk with your child daily about what they are reading, you are strengthening their understanding greatly. Some children will otherwise read them just to get them read and move on. When you ask a question or ask them what they think about the Text, you help them re-tell or narrate back to you what they are reading. By the end of the week, you will have had multiple opportunities to talk about a single topic in Godís Word.


One night will not make or break the success of the Bible Bookmarks with your child. The idea is a long term consistent routine that over time will make all the difference in the world. So, if they are distracted or tired or frustrated, simply read and move on and know that you will have many more chances over the days and weeks ahead. There will be wonderful teachable moments along the way. Just donít give up or you may just miss out on what could have been.


What if I donít know the answers to my childís questions? What a great opportunity to seek them out together. Donít be afraid of the tough questions or issues and donít be afraid to say, ďI donít knowĒ or ďIím wondering that too myself.Ē After all, the Psalms are filled with such questions and searching. In the end, we lean on the Promises of God and trust in Him. And don't forget your local church community is there to help.

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