Helping children read the Bible daily!

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What People Are Saying

"I am very excited about the Bible Bookmarks in our church! I praise the Lord for people like you who provide resources like the bookmarks for our children."
Megan ---
Children's Pastor 

"My kids love the bookmarks. I give them out in Children’s Church and have them bring them back the next week. It is the most successful take home project I've done. Thanks.”
North Carolina Church

"The bookmarks were a big hit with both parents and children alike. One of our fathers even began reading the Bible daily with his son. He does not attend church with his family, so you can imagine the joy his family felt to see the father become interested in reading God’s Word.”
California Church

"The interest in this program far exceeded
my expectations. What a great product!”
Florida Church

"Parents love them. Kids love them. Parents are already telling me how happy they are about them. My own daughter has diligently read the scripture passages each night before bed without any prompting from me. I am so excited about that. Thank you for making a wonderful, growth-inspiring product for kids.”
Florida Church

ALSO . . .

  • The Bible Bookmarks encourage children to actually open their own Bible and read it for themselves or with a parent. Developing the discipline of reading the Bible at a young age can go a long way to helping children for a lifetime.
  • The Bible Bookmarks are topical, helping children read what the Bible says about a topic for a whole week. This keeps them focused and helps them retain the Truth in their hearts.
  • The Bible Bookmarks are attractive, and in today’s world children will not even glance at something that does not look good. Of course, the real beauty is in the detail, but you have to get them to read the detail.
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